Working on Pause During This Pandemic

We’ve all heard the saying in show business that the show must go on.  While some businesses are shut down right now and other business doors remain open, life  continues to go on even in these pandemic times.   While I work from home in my business, I’ve had to adjust to things slowing down, shift around some hours and other client functions based on rapidly changing news and information.  In times of hardship and uncertainty I find myself looking for rest both in the physical and spiritual sense.   Sometimes I just want to physically rest my mind and body from the day to day decisions and self-imposed pressure to always be on top of my game. Here is where I turn to the scriptures to guide me.   God’s word encourages me to depend on Him for my physical strength and spiritual needs.  In Psalm 23: 1-2 ( NKJV) it reminds us we can rest our body because He is our shepherd and we shall not want.  God’s word says He makes me lie down, ( I love that part) he leads, comforts and restores.  In Proverbs 15:3  (ESV) it reminds us we can rest our eyes because  it says His eyes are in every place keeping watch on the evil and the good.  In other words, you and I can sleep on it.   No need to worry over the growing list of new things to do or removal of old things we’ve done in the past.   I’m now able to reflect more on God promises to take care of me just like he takes care of the birds.  While I’m on pause I can rest assured that  God is in control of  my life,  my business, and the entire world.  I want to share  4 things I’ve learned recently on how to get more R.E.S.T while working on pause. 

  1. R- Remove distractions ( Background noise, Sounds of TV, People Talking, Phones Ringing, Social Media Text Notifications etc.)

We tend to work better without a lot of distractions in the workspace

  1. E- Eat and cook healthy meals/snacks

Important to refuel so you can keep going throughout the day

  1. S- Set boundaries for self-care, in other words be kind to yourself)

Guard your time to take care of yourself, because you may not have much of it

  1. T-Take some breaks 

Give yourself a break ( health breaks, mental breaks, listen to music, laugh, exercise)

Written for Lady Boss Christians Blog

April 7, 2020

By Lori Williams

Independent Travel Agent

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