The Power to Prevail in Perplexity

Imagine the confidence to do anything, the ability to call the shots and the power to create something beautiful. On March 25, 2014, that is exactly what I decided to do after receiving a pink slip. I turned it into Queenfidence Global Image Consulting, one bold action step at a time.

If we could count the number of souls who decided to BURY their expectations instead of BIRTHING their exponential potential, the amount would be unfathomable. The fear of disappointment which is a disillusionment sent from the kingdom of darkness will dilute your distinction. Where there is no distinction, there is no dynamism. Where there is no dynamism the result will be a dying determination too impotent to apprehend and finish one’s divine assignment. King David stated in Psalm 27:13, “I almost fainted unless I believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”  A primary indication of true expectation (the external actions) is intense anticipation which is indicative of an emboldened internal posture. 

Recently, I read a profound quote by Leo Tolstoy, “The two most powerful warriors are time and patience.” As I glance through the shadows of yesterday, I am still standing is because I chose to let patience have her perfect work in and through me. Our light shines most brilliantly when we live from a place of bountifulness and not brokenness. 

My entire life is under the Lordship of Jesus which includes every aspect of business building. I have made countless mistakes audaciously leaping out in faith. Stepping into unfamiliar territories is risky and the slopes are slippery. Yet, even in those moments of mishaps, He provides wisdom on how to redeem the time and reposition myself for greater works. 

In times of uncertainty and hardship, I cleave to Christ. I turn inward and listen for His still small voice to inspire new direction. He promised to lead me in joy and peace.  During seasons of perplex challenges, I constantly bathe my mind in the scriptures to reaffirm my belief.  Extended water fasting is one of my greatest secret weapons to overcoming adversity and spiritual enemies. 

Each day presents an opportunity to remain rooted and grounded in truth. I choose to stand confident in crisis because on the other side of opposition there are rich rewards that eyes have not seen nor have ears heard what my Heavenly Father has prepared.  Apart from God, I cannot achieve anything of lasting value and in response to this awareness my spirit bows in humility. It is my aim to please Him and bring a smile to His face always even in something as simple as writing this article.

I am extremely grateful for the lessons I’ve learned as an entrepreneurial leader. Over the past twenty years, I’ve been relentlessly building my inner confidence.  The woman I see in the mirror today is vastly different in comparison to the young timid and emotionally broken girl I used to be.  There were nights when my swollen eyes were too tired to cry from more heartbreak than I could humanly take. 

How many dreams never reach the light of day because we are too afraid to let them speak? For most of my life, I hid under a scarlet red sheet of shame. While I was being coached to present for USA Today, I was encouraged to read the Angel that Troubled the Water. In the story, a physician was asked a question that pierced my soul to the core. “Without your wound where would your POWER be?” Through the eyes of enlightenment, I understand that powerful presence begins with acute self-awareness.

The first key to unlocking the brilliance buried inside of me was to face the disgrace. I chose to make peace with the pain that pierced the core of my being. When I started embracing my divine light I began to outshine the sadness, secrets and a suffocating silence. 

The second key to self-discovery was asking deeper questions. I started with, “Who am I? Why am I here? And, what do I want to achieve as a lasting legacy?” Mounds of potential was paralyzed because I surrendered my power to statistics, struggle and societal labels. As a result I became a prisoner of my pain, my past and my perplexities.

The third key to unleashing my potency was courageously exploring my creativity. In order to live by design and not default, I’ve crafted nineteen vision boards and six vision books to re-define, re-design and re-align who I am, with who I desire to become. Self-evolution does not happen overnight, it happens over life.  As a multidimensional visionary, I am determined to excavate every ounce of genius before my exodus from earth.

I have a quote on one of my vision boards that encourages me when life seems unbearable, “You have to go through the fire. Avoiding the pain is why most people never resolve it. You have to dig deep, sit in it and ugly cry.” Each collage of ideas reminds me of three things: 

1) My vision is greater than my valley.

2) My voice has the power to move massive mountains.

3) My victory rests in the seat of my mindset.

Our time together is coming to a close and here is my final invitation to explore deeper beneath the surface, “What if you chose to become the superhero you’ve been waiting for? Being happy takes guts.  “Without the storms of life where would your strength be?” Living on your terms takes an unshakable resolve. “Don’t ask what the world needs. Asks what makes you come alive and GO DO IT! Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.”  ~Howard Thurman

Today is the day, BE THE FORCE of change!

Reflection for Progression: 

  • I paused to ponder and deeply discovered:

  • One priceless pearl that illuminated my mind:

  • My future focus from this day forward will be:

  • I commit to the commitment of being radically resilient in:

  • A new manifestation meditation I will recite daily is:

Kristie Kennedy, The Image Confidence Expert is a TEDx Audacious Leadership Keynote Speaker and Authentic Lifestyle Author. As the owner of Queenfidence Global Image Consulting her electrifying inspirational gift empowers women with confidence and clarity keys to find their voice, free their voice and look fabulous using their voice. She specializes in four areas of peak performance: mindset mastery, massive momentum, magnetic messaging and potential maximization. She is a Certified Radical Resilience Trainer who builds powerhouse mindsets, equipped for success. Kristie's evocative teaching style elevates your self-perception from stuck to unstoppable, invisible to invincible and timid to tenacious. Her bodacious belief is a testament that you can shift from mediocrity to magnificence one daring action step at a time.

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