My First Business Partner

I thought starting a business would be easy.  I was right and I was wrong.

God led me to start a business and shortly thereafter I asked a question. I was meditating in the shower one morning, I simply prayed “how do you want me to approach this?” The only thing I heard in my spirit was “start.”

When I heard “start,” I felt like a racehorse ready to break out of the gate!  But I realized as I started, I wasn’t able to run like I wanted to and I couldn’t get further than a couple of steps here and there. I kept getting slowed down and spaced out. 

I’ve never been here before, I’ve never started a business to call my own….but I actually have been here. I remember other times of uncertainty where I tried to breeze through to get things done as quickly and painlessly as possible, but I always ended up at His feet again. He wants to do life with us. No matter the project, the social media post, the design, the content…is it not all for His glory?

I’ve had to reset a few times now in approaching the next steps. I am learning how truly interested He is in the details and how He’s not interested in our independence. We live to be like Him by depending on Him. I am grateful for the ways He gifts us and injects us with unique talents, but those alone will not carry nor sustain us. What are the purposes of the value we have to offer? It’s to bring heaven to earth. How can we do that if we don’t know what heaven is like?

“Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.” 

Dwelling on this alone gives us a new perspective. Business, life, parenting, marriage, the single life, church….it all boils down to walking WITH Him so we can manifest His heart, His will and His love in everything we do (including a first time business venture.) 

God is already using business to teach me something new about His voice and His leadership. I have been given full permission to slow down during this time so we, together, can establish a sustainable service to those that need it. There are partnerships, collaborations and relationships that are yet to be made through this business.  Until then, I will seek His voice, His perspective and His direction.

- Sarai Meador

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