Imperfect Follower of Christ

Before I was a business owner, I was a follower of Christ. Note that I said follower of Christ, not PERFECT follower of Christ.

Much like my relationship with Him, there are ups and downs in my business. There are days I celebrate my business, and shout from the mountains…which is more like jumping around my one-bedroom apartment in a messy-bun and leggings. There were, and still are, days I sob. No, not cry, sob uncontrollably in my car because I have no clue what in the world I am doing or how to get to the next step. And no, I don’t just turn on a Podcast, or listen to my favorite song, or pray and feel better. Sometimes…I REFUSE to pray. Maybe, it’s because in my heart I know he will never forsake me and that I am made perfect in his image, and my flesh just doesn’t want to believe it. Stubbornly, I will sit. And once I choose to finally pray, He is there, just like he was earlier that day, and the day before that, ready to hear anything and everything I have to say.

See, that is the biggest parallel between God and my business. I have learned to have FAITH. Faith that my business will grow organically, just as it is made to, even though I can’t possibly see how. Yet, when I get to that magical moment I had been working so hard for there’s this familiar “Of course, I could make it” feeling. Just like the one I get after reluctantly praying. Of COURSE he is there, every time. What better reminder than 2 Corinthians 5:7 “I will walk by faith even when I cannot see”. Probably the truest thing I know…but somehow still one of the most difficult to remember. Funny how that works, huh?

I should probably tell you who I am and what I do, since I have decided to let you into my deeply emotional car sessions. Hi! I’m Jaimie…and I own JLS Real Estate. So you aren’t totally in the dark, I buy and sell properties off-market. Sometimes I keep them to flip (my favorite), sometimes I keep them and add them to my rental portfolio, and sometimes I dish them off to other Investors in my network if I have a surplus or it doesn’t fit my buying criteria. If you don’t know much about real estate, I will sum it up like this. Real-Life-Rollercoaster. Daily, you hear of stories where people have made poor financial decisions and are losing their home, have gone through a divorce, are grieving the loss of a loved one, or happy things like getting married and consolidating homes or selling their small house for a bigger one for their growing family! Either way, each Seller’s situation is highly unpredictable and you never quite know what you’re walking in to. 

If your business is anything like mine, maybe you resonate a little bit with Isaiah 58:11 that says, Where God Guides he provides. I use this to remind myself that not every situation is mine to be a part of. Sometimes, we aren’t their best Buyer and the property we would have purchased would not have been our best investment. But it could be someone else’s best investment. And that other Buyer could offer something very meaningful to the Seller that we didn’t think of or didn’t have access to. Trusting that everything you WANT, is not necessarily the answer is having faith that God is working through your business. What I am trying to say is, don’t be the 2-year-old trying to push the square through the circle hole in that fun little red and yellow plastic cube. It doesn’t fit. You’ll notice that when you try to keep pushing that square through that circle hole that God will usually be there whispering “turn the box over”. And then we say “Okay! That sounds like a great idea!”. Who am I kidding? We don’t usually say that…we say “No, if I just push a little bit harder, it’s sure to go through”. 

God has taught me to trust him. To have faith, blind faith in Him. Have it in myself, work hard daily, have grit and tenacity. But to have faith and to follow his lead by doing the right thing. Not forcing my hand somewhere it doesn’t belong…and having faith that by not forcing a deal to happen that he will provide when the time is right. There have been many times that I have tried to force a deal because I was concerned about making money (my business is my only source of income). As a result, I was operating from lack mentality and not only scared away my Seller but probably didn’t put off a very confident vibe. By not living in scarcity and knowing that our God is an abundant and fruitful God, I know that there is ALWAYS another deal. For you, it might be another sale or another client. 

Imagine taking on the wrong client out of scarcity. Not because the client felt right and you believed they could benefit from what you had to offer; but because making a buck was more important. In the meantime, while chasing them down…you could have missed the girl on FB commenting on her friends post asking about the very service you provide, or the gal who just walked into your storefront but you ignored her because you were stressed about your ‘wrong client’.

One thing is for sure, think abundantly and you will be blessed abundantly. There are many things I do to honor my God (and many more I should and will continue to do to improve daily)…remember I said NOT perfect. But, I always start by returning the tithe back to him. The first 10%, every time. And I always give all the glory and credit to him. Without Him, his daily grace, his listening to car cries, and opening doors, JLS Real Estate would not be a thing!  

So, if you’re dancing in your kitchen or crying in your car here’s my recommendation…Pray about it, Girl (even if you’re stubborn, like me)! 

With Love-


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