Doing Business God's Way

Greetings Its Lady Laura!

I am excited to speak with you today and to share some Inspo that may bless you on your journey with Jesus!

So firstly doing Business Gods way I have come to find is so interesting and very purposeful!

I remember a time where work and church where two very separate things for me and I didn’t understand that God wanted to be in control of my business and lead me in that area of my life and so I hadn’t actually allowed him into it as such!

I was working as a Session Hairstylist and going about it all through my own understanding , Not asking for guidance and not even praying for my business.

It sounds bizarre now looking at it but I rarely prayed for myself at all , I was always busy praying for other people. I would even pray for my clients after witnessing to them and sometimes I had the opportunity to pray with them which was great! But for some bizzare reason I would never pray for the prosperity or the influence of my business.

Jesus began to cause me to stumble upon stories online of testimonies about how other christians had received inspired ideas and revelations of how to do business and even what to do which led them to prosper mightily and abundantly! It truly fascinated me and caused me to desire the same guidance in my life. Its like the word really becoming active in that area of your life! I knew a lot about ministry  but not so much about the promises and the Abrahamic Blessings. It is so necessary because Salvation as a whole package includes your business and your finances , Everything being made whole and fruitful. You can’t focus on one and not the other , it will cause an imbalance and cause you to miss out on some aspect of what God intends for you.

I began to go through a bit of a transition before the lock down started and it was totally God , He was leading me away from he hairdressing industry and into something new ( Something I was unaware of! ) It was taking a lot of Faith to follow his leading but thankfully I followed. I began to wake up early around 3.30am to spend time with the Holy Spirit receiving ideas and inspiration , you can be sure to always receive something special when you do this! 

God has many ideas and strategies that the world needs  , This is why when it comes to Business we should totally be led by him and allow him to use us and our lifes in that dimension to solve problems that he desires to solve in the earth through the vehicle of Business! Because Business is all about solving somebody elses problems! 

So briefly going back to the life I lived prior to giving it to Jesus I wasn’t so innocent and I used to be very into partying which involved a lot of drug taking. I began to sell drugs in nightclubs and I guess this was my first experience really doing any business but you see looking at it this way the enemy was using me. Using me to sell a product to a customer that would harm them and cause their life to derail! 

The point is , God can use you to sell a certain product to a certain customer and it can change and influence their lives in a positive way!

So be led by Jesus in your business and let him use it , The business meetings could potentially end with a Glorious worship session.

New customers could become new members of the church through meeting Jesus through you! 

Kingdom Business causes BUSINESS & MINISTRY to come together as one and its quite profound.

I had a call come through last week and it was for an Entrepreneurial Academy that I had signed up to be apart of through facebook , I actually had forgotten all about it ( you know how it is when you come across online content that looks appealing and you fill in your email and continue scrolling! ) .

So yes , A lady called to speak to me about this and the conversation turned into something else! We were on the phone for a while , She was a fired up Christian Lady with a phenomenal testimony and we got DEEP! Ended with prayer and said PRAISE THE LORDD! What a conversation , neither of us expected it but God came through and did something special.

God wants to use these things and will if we let him , Be Bold in your career and your business and let it be something God is really , Truly apart of!

You will begin to see more of the Supernatural in your life and experience more of him day to day!

If you are currently at a job that you don’t like and its full of wickedness and sin and your spirit isn’t happy , Ask the Lord for a Business idea that will change the industry you are working in and Partner with him! Create a company that other Christians can join and allow the Glory of God to Dominate in this industry!

Its time for the Christians to rise up in Business and create work places that allow God to move whenever and however he wants to!

We can’t leave him out 9-5 and meet back up after work is finished. He should be involved in everything , all the time.

Its the Best way & Its the only way!

Do Business with Jesus today!

Follow @CEOwithJesus on instragram to read some inspirational stories of how God has led some of his people in their Businesses! 

Great things are taking place , Be Apart of it.

Written by - Laura Todd

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