Can't Touch This

No I'm not talking about the M.C. Hammer song.  I'm talking about the things that are too painful to think of or talk about.  The things that we just don't want to deal with, not even with God.

These are the very things that are preventing us from being whole, being able to serve Him and others.

There have been times in my life when I knew the Lord wanted me to deal with something in my life but I didn't want to.  In fact it's amazing the amount of things I could come up with in my head to skirt around what the issue was.  Despite not wanting to think on these things, they were like a sore tooth.  You know the one where your tongue keeps touching it to see if it still hurts?  Your mind does the same thing.  Add to that was the feelings of guilt that I was running from God.  Now,  I wanted to be healed, I wanted to be whole, but I didn't want to go through the process.

But He finally got me to the point where I was so miserable, I no longer had an option. I didn't have a choice if I ever wanted to move forward from this misery.

I would love to be able to say that once I surrendered that it was an easy or quick process.  It wasn't!!!  Would it have easier if I'd taken the journey with someone by my side?  Yes it would have, but I've always been the "me and God got this" person. 

Because of the unnecessary pain of going it alone, my heart breaks for others thinking they have to take the journey by themselves.  God has called me to partner with His hurting daughters, so that no one has to go it alone.

Written by - Lynn Chamberlin

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